Weapon Systems

Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

F-22A Raptor

Smart Munitions

Aircraft Launcher Interface Computer and HDAM Development

JASSM Test Support


Joint Direct Attack Munition

Joint Strike Fighter

Joint Strike Fighter Gun System

Sensor-Fused Weapon

Surface Launch AMRAAM

Small Diameter Bomb II

Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
  • Design/integrate support of AMRAAM on FMS platforms
  • Provide AMRAAM capabilities briefings to FMS country pilots
  • Provide pre-flight and post-flight test analysis of FMS AMRAAM employment
  • Provide on-scene flight test support to FMS customers
  • Coordinate with Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs (SAF/IA) on AMRAAM disclosure policy
  • Coordinate with Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program Office in development of AMRAAM integration efforts for partner nations
  • Develop AMRAAM Operational Engagement Briefings to FMS customers and AMRAAM parts suppliers
F-22A Raptor
  • Provide operationally-focused technical, engineering, and analysis support to the 36 EWS F/A-22 EW program.
  • Provide all-source intelligence (Intel) for F-22A mission data (MD) development
  • Act as liaison between MD programming engineers and intel service production centers
  • Attend intel meetings and working groups to voice F-22A MD data requirements
  • Keep engineers abreast of the ever-changing threat systems
  • Assist engineers in programming EW sensors as required
Smart Munitions
Smart Munitions
  • Employ analytical computer programs for vulnerability analyses of threat targets ranging from air defense units to heavily armored vehicles.
  • Develop high-fidelity predictions of warhead damage to threat systems.
  • Represent the 780th Test Squadron as a member of the damage assessment team for the ongoing Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW) live drops.
  • Joint Service Support – USAF (SFW, Hardstop, Passive Attack Weapon [PAW]), US Army (Advanced Hornet, Intelligent Munitions System), Joint Live Fire Armor/Anti-armor Ground Systems, and the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL).
Aircraft Launcher Interface Computer and HDAM Development
  • Provide software/systems engineering support for ALIC
  • Upgrade hardware and software to provide a 1553 B missile interface
  • Develop factory-test and ground-test equipment
  • Provide software/systems engineering support for HDAM
  • Upgrade hardware and software to add a GPS capability to the HARM
  • Provide SYSTEM INTEGRATION & FLIGHT TEST SUPPORT via F-16 M4+ development Program
JASSM Test Support
  • Provide test support for the JASSM CTF (Combined Test Force) within the 780 TS part of the 46 TW.
  • Provide flight test engineering support for DT tests
    • Provide mission planning and coordination
    • Present mission briefs to the 46 TW management
    • Provide mission execution: post-test data management
  • Test support for AFOTEC for operational test activities.
  • Provide technical expertise to the field
  • Support USAF technical integration tasks for system upgrades
  • Support engineering design and analysis for the AGM-130/GBU-15 programs.
  • Support USAF Weapons System Evaluations Program (WSEP) for the AGM-130/GBU-15 weapons systems
Joint Direct Attack Munition
  • Work with JDAM production team and Boeing: properly phase build-up of production baseline kits for efficient interface with AMSTE kit modifications
  • Work with JDAM software team and Boeing: recommend phasing of AMSTE OFP code into regular JDAM OFP release process
  • Work with JDAM logistics team and Boeing: ensure logistics, sustainability, and reliability issues are properly addressed
  • Work with DL lead & JDAM technical team: help write EMD and production SOOs/RFPs and perform technical reviews of Boeing proposals, cost estimates, and IMPs/IMSs
  • Work with DL lead & JDAM technical team: support government review of Boeing’s System Spec, Qualification test plans/reports, and test reports
  • Work with DL lead & JDAM technical team: ensure required program documentation such as JDAM Security Guide accurately represents AMSTE requirements
  • Support program CONOPS and Requirements working groups to integrate user requirements into program technical documentation
  • Investigate Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness (OSS&E) guidance to ensure AMSTE OSS&E considerations have been implemented within the JDAM program office
  • Provide AMSTE technical information and support for JDAM engineering meetings and other technical forums/discussions
  • Interface between the JDAM Chief Engineer and the AMSTE program on non-datalink portions of the program
  • Provide logistics and configuration management engineering
  • Provide aircraft/weapon interface engineering and management
  • Oversee JDAM OFP software release planning and management
  • Provide life-cycle cost estimates for long-range planning and support the President’s Budget, POM, SAR, and Investment Budget Reviews
  • FMS Support: provide logistics expertise
Joint Strike Fighter
  • Plan and execute testing of ALQ-196 modification installed on the MC-130E
  • Support ground and flight tests of the new ALR-69A RWR system
  • Monitor radar site activity during flight test
  • Analyze data from testing to verify the equipment meets the ORD
  • Support the programming office in the reporting funding and activity
JSF AGun System
Joint Strike Fighter Gun System
  • Act as gun system subject matter expert (SME) activities
  • Assist in defining gun system design/test requirements
  • Create gun performance specification
  • Analyze effectiveness of system

Sensor Fused Weapon
Sensor-Fused Weapon
  • Support SFW Chief Engineer on most engineering topics
  • Supervise TEAS personnel assigned to SFW task
  • Develop system design requirements and compliance criteria
  • Conduct weapon systems performance analyses and trades
  • Derive program test objectives and requirements

Surface Launch AMRAAM
  • Provide design/integration support of AMRAAM on Surface Launch platforms
  • Support modeling and analysis of surface launch applications such as CLAWS (USMC) and SLAMRAAM (Army)
  • Provide on-scene flight test support to CLAWS and SLAMRAAM
  • Coordinate with Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs (SAF/IA), Army and Marine/Navy release authorities on AMRAAM disclosure policy for Surface Launch
  • Support other MSW advanced development/integration efforts for other surface launch applications such Universal Airborne Interface (UAI)
Small Diameter Bomb II
small bomb
  • Responsible for assisting the Boeing Team during the risk reduction phase of the SDB II competition to be successful in winning the follow-on contract.
  • Act as primary Test liaison between Boeing and government test organization
  • Review all test/engineering documentation
  • Participate in all phases of product development and performance testing


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